For Laura

Gives us everything
We need
He allows
To Breathe

23 February 2010


Words About Words

And how is it
We split a hair
Or count angels on a pin
We dazzle with the talk we talk
The words we weave and spin

Forever in the wilderness
Shooting from the hip
Rigid to our self respect
Being careful not to slip

We suck selected syllables
With every breath we draw
Solid in our honour
To each letter of the law

What gushes from the faucet
The choice is hot or cold
We repeat with great abandon
Words we have been sold

We line them up in regiments
Our actions to defend
Keep them simmering constantly
And bitter to the end

And we gaze beyond
The terrible edge
In hopes it makes us free
As a high horse rides us out to where
We thought we’d never be

17 October 2009


The silence
The shadows glare
To the place
That’s known
For certain
To be neither
Here nor there
Where there’s nothing
To deliver
To collect
Where everything’s been severed
And where all things will connect
Where there’s nothing
To believe in
And nothing’s left to trust
As we crawl up from the mud
We are returning back to dust
When these
Unfettered fragments
Begin to tumble down
It’s noticed
That the Ring Master
Is married to the Clown

05 August  2011

I Recognised You Yesterday

I recognised you
In a sepia photograph
You were looking so
Beside yourself
Beside your golden calf

But no matter
How I tell myself
There’s no need
To be afraid
I can never seem
To tear it down
This empty barricade

So I try to push
My thoughts away
With each new
Thought I think
As the swell it rises
Much to high
I can but only sink

28 March 2014